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Using EDU ToDo in Brightspace Assignments

You can manage and assess student work in EDU ToDo inside of your Brightspace course.

If EDU ToDo is not already installed as an External Tool in Brightspace, contact your Brightspace and EDU ToDo administrators to have it installed for your course.

Use these steps to assign EDU ToDo worksheets through Brightspace.

Add a EDU ToDo project to an assignment

Create a new assignment in Brightspace.

Add instructions for the assignment to the Instructions field.

While the Instructions field is active, click the Insert QuickLink button.

In the QuickLink dialog, scroll to the Third Party list and click EDU ToDo.

You will see the EDU ToDo library.

Browse or search for an activity that you want to assign.

Click the Use button for the activity.


If you want to preview the activity, click the thumbnail image.

The activity will open in an new tab.

When you are finished, close the tab and click the Use button.

A link to the activity will appear in the Instructions.

Set the Submission Type to Text submissions. A text submission will allow students to provide a link to their work.

Turn on the Visibility and click the Save and Close button when you are finished.

Students complete the assigned work

In Brightspace, students open the course and open the assignment.

In the assignment, students click the link to open the activity.

The activity will open in a new tab.

Students complete the assigned activity based on the instructions provided.

When finished, students click the Close button to close the tab and return to the assignment.

After returning to the assignment in Brightspace, students click the Insert QuickLink button in the Submit section.

Students will see the Insert QuickLink dialog.

Students find the activity in the list and click the Submit button.

A link to the activity will appear in the Submit text area.

Click the Submit button to finish the assignment.

Grading student work

Teachers select the assignment and click Submissions.

Click View Submissions to see the student work.

Click on the link to view the student's activity.

The activity will open in a new tab.

Examine the student work and close the tab when finished.

Assign an overall grade to the assignment and add feedback to the student.

Click the Publish button when you are finished.

Complete the grading process for all of the students in the course.