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Using EDU ToDo in Canvas Assignments

You can manage and assess student work in EDU ToDo inside of your Canvas course.

If EDU ToDo is not already installed as an External Tool in Canvas, contact your Canvas and EDU ToDo administrators to have it installed for your course.

Use these steps to assign EDU ToDo worksheets through Canvas.

Add a EDU ToDo project to an assignment

In Canvas, select Assignments.

Select the +Assignment button.

Enter the assignment name, points, and other information.

For the Submission Type, select External Tool.

Click the Find button.

In the Configure External Tool dialog, click EDU ToDo.

In the external tool dialog, find the EDU ToDo project you want to assign.


If you want to preview the project or need to edit it, select the project.

When ready, click the Canvas icon on the toolbar.

Click the Use button.

At the Configure External Tool dialog, click the Select button.

Finish adding assignment details and save and publish the assignment.

Student complete the assigned work

Once assigned, students will be able to complete the assigned EDU ToDo project from within Canvas.

Click Assignments.

Click the assignment with the EDU ToDo project.

Complete the assignment work in EDU ToDo.

Click the Canvas button on the EDU ToDo toolbar to submit the assignment.

Grading student work in SpeedGrader

Once students have completed their work, the teacher can grade their EDU ToDo projects in SpeedGrader.

Click Assignments.

Click the assignment.

Click the SpeedGrader button.

Student work will show in the SpeedGrader window. Use the SpeedGrader options on the right to add a grade and comment.

Select the Submit button.