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Adding EDU ToDo to Canvas

EDU ToDo can be added as an external tool in Canvas. As an external tool, teachers can search for and assign EDU ToDo templates to students, and students can submit work in EDU ToDo to Canvas assignments.

This page has instructions for creating a EDU ToDo developer key and adding a EDU ToDo app.

Creating an EDU ToDo Developer Key

You must have access to both the EDU ToDo administrator account and the Canvas administrator account to complete this set up.


Log in to your EDU ToDo administrator account.

Click Accounts

Click the Configuration pull-down menu and choose Canvas.

Click the LTI Registration Data button

Click the Copy Canvas JSON Config button

In Canvas

Click Admin

Click your organization

Click Developer Keys

Click +Developer Key

Click +LTI Key

Click the Method pull-down menu and choose Paste JSON

Click in the LTI 1.3 Configuration field and paste the copied JSON information

In the Key Name field, enter "EDU ToDo"

In the Redirect URIs field, edit the url to "https://[YOUR DOMAIN]"

EDU ToDo supports placements in Link Selection, Homework Submission, Assignment Selection, and Course Navigation.

Click Save

Toggle the EDU ToDo Developer Key State to ON

At the Developer Keys page, copy the EDU ToDo Client ID. The Client ID is the number in the Details column, above the Show Key button.


Paste the copied client ID into the Client ID field.

Adding EDU ToDo as an App

In Canvas, click Admin.

Click Settings

Click Apps

Click View App Configurations

Click +App

Click the Configuration Type pull-down menu and choose Client ID

Paste the EDU ToDo Client ID into the Client ID field

Click the Submit button